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Total Count Plates - Compact Dry Plates

Total Count Plates by Compact Dry TC is a medium for total viable bacterial count and offers a non-selective medium and contain a staining redox dye (2,3,5-triphenyl tetrazolium chloride = TTC), indicating metabolism. Most bacteria form easy to count red colonies.

Compact Dry colour change means that TNTC (Too Numerous To Count) is not falsely mistaken for a negative result.

Easy-to-read-results test

Compact Dry uses uses a tetrazolium indicator to give colonies a red colour for easy and rapid counting

Compact Dry colour change means that TNTC (Too Numerous To Count) is not falsely mistaken for a negative result.

Easy-to-store test

The plates can be kept at room temperature for up to 14 months after production.

Each foil bag contains 4 tests, ideal for small or infrequent users.


  1. Room temperature storage
  2. Sample is self diffusible, not need for the spreader plate
  3. Easier and faster to use than any other method
  4. No height limits when stacking for incubation
  5. Easy to subculture suspect colonies
  6. Rapid results
  7. Long shelf life
  8. No special diluents needed
  9. Allows culturing of filter membranes
  10. Compact Dry TC is AOAC validated : AOAC No. 010404


Direction for use

  1. Open aluminum foil and take out the set of 4 plates
  2. Detach necessary number of plates by bending up and down while pressing the lid
  3. Take off the lid of the plate and pipette 1 ml of sample in the middle of the Compact Dry plate
  4. Sample diffuses automatically and evenly across the sheet, transforming the dried sheet into a gel within seconds
  5. Replace the lid back on the plate and label. Invert the plate and incubate
  6. Count the number of colonies appearing on the medium from underside of the plate. When the number of colonies is high, it is convenient to use the grids carved on the back of the container consisting of 1 cm x 1 cm or 0.5 cm x 0.5 cm


Pack Size 

  • 40 plates
  • 240 plates
  • 880 plates


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