Industrial Cleaning Equipment

At FMCG industry solutions we provide you with cleaning and sanitation solutions that’ll keep your environment clean and  free from your target pathogen. You know what I mean, the ones that may end up in your products and cause your company a costly recall.

Just imagine what a contaminated product would cause you if it was released to the public and they know about it.

Extra testing, clearance programs, out of stock item, unable to supply to your customers and the list goes on and on.  Just imagine how many phone calls you’ll be getting day and night - your manage shouting at you, your customers wanting more details and its 5pm on a Friday afternoon when all your staff have left to  go home.

Worst of all, you knew about it weeks or even months ago when a few positives started to appear during your testing program. But with the pressure of meeting production quotas, some of the affected products went out.

Lets hope this is not your company. however if think your company may be heading in this direction we can help.

And it starts with a proper and effective cleaning and sanitation program. A systemic program where we work with your existing cleaning crew to fix the the problems.  Out 7 step cleaning program with a final verification step that verifys the cleans prior to start-up will ensure you’ll have near perfect products during your runs.

Just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you solve your cleaning problems.

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Dycem CleanZone

A high performance anti microbial flooring suitable for light wheeled traffic and heavier pedestrian flows.

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Mobile Scrub

Portable manual bootwasher

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Neptun BC1

Neptun BC1 Boot & Sole Washer

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Neptun SC1

Neptun SC1 Sole Washer

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Neptun SCS1

Neptun SCS1 Sole Cleaning System

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Manual bootwasher with sanitiser

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ProfilGate® - Foreign Object Capturing System

Foreign Object Capturing System - great for capturing glass, metals and any soil before entering high risk area.

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Solamat 90

Dry Sole Cleaner

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StepGate I

Sole washing system for less frequently used side entrances where up to 30 persons pass per day.

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